Direct Drive Torque Motor

Direct Drive Torque Motor 

A direct drive torque motor is a permanent-magnet synchronous motor. Hence, the load is directly driven without the use of a gearbox or transmission. As a result, the number of moving parts in the system are reduced, which increases the operational lifetime and efficiency of the application.

Magnetic Innovations offers a wide range of standard torque motors for various industry applications. Moreover, Magnetic Innovations has successfully designed and built numerous custom torque motors for different operational conditions. When you know your torque motor requirements and you would like to receive a quote, you can fill out our online torque motor requirements form and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Our  torque motors, the MI-F series, is available in three outer diameters, 110, 250 and 485mm. Furthermore, each torque motor series is available in motor heights 25mm, 50mm and 75mm. Also custom motor heights can be made available. Combined with various winding designs and cooling options, we offer you a wide range of direct drive frameless motor designs.

  • Image of a Torque Motor 110 mm
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The 110 mm direct drive torque motor is ideal for applications where a high positioning accuracy is needed and small size, low weight, minimum power consumption and optimal speed control is desired. Examples such as, robotic arms to be applied in the medical industry and SCADA systems for semiconductor applications use these small highly accurate motors. Read more

  • Torque Motor - MI-F 250 mm
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The 250mm direct drive torque motor has a peak torque range of 121-400 Nm and a continuous torque range of 42-208 Nm. In addition, water cooling as well as forced air cooling and temperature control sensors will be integrated for demanding applications. Read more

  • High Torque Motor
  • an image of a 485 mm torque motor | Torquemotor MI-F 485 mm

In Direct-Drive applications, limitations such as backlash, cogging and long term drift are eliminated due to a very high control loop bandwidth and direct coupling. This means that our 485mm permanent magnet synchronous motors offer many advantages in many industrial and agricultural applications in comparison to belt or gearbox solutions. Minimal size buth maximal strength.  Read more