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The power of collaboration at Magnetic Innovations

Priscilla Jagroep van der Kleij has been working at Magnetic Innovations as a marketing advisor since March 2020. Although she was new to the tech market, she has made significant progress in recent years. Thanks to her efforts and close cooperation with the sales and engineering team, she has achieved important successes and greatly improved the company’s marketing strategy. She talks about her vision on marketing and sales, and how working at Magnetic Innovations has shaped her.

Challenges from the past

“When I look back on the past 15 years of my career in marketing, there is one challenge that has always been at the forefront: the collaboration between marketing and sales.

In many companies where I have worked, the relationship between these two departments was often difficult. Sales didn’t see the point of marketing, and marketing thought sales were just a bunch of wild cowboys. Lack of trust, poor communication and a lack of synergy often led to inefficiencies and missed opportunities.”

A new approach at Magnetic Innovations

“When I started at Magnetic Innovations in 2020, an international company specialized in the sale of direct drive motors, I was determined to do things differently. I was given the opportunity to build up (online) marketing from scratch, a unique opportunity with plenty of room for my own initiative.

To be honest, I had no technical background and no experience in this sector. The engineering team played a crucial role in boosting my knowledge. Thanks to their patience and expertise, I learned a lot, from technical terms to how our engines work.

In addition, I also had to find out where customer questions lay and what makes our engines unique (USPs). I found the input I needed for this through the sales director.”

Collaboration as the key to success

“From day one at Magnetic Innovations, I started working intensively with the sales director. I was given access to the requests and customer contact moments.

This access was and still is very important to collect input to reach prospects.

Examples of how we work together are:

  • Monthly meetings in which we share data, talk about our achievements and challenges. This setup means we know exactly what is going on and can respond quickly.
  • Marketing and sales share the same office space, which keeps lines short and promotes collaboration.
  • As marketing, I get to see the requests that come in. This way I know what is going on in the market and with the engineers who are looking for engines.
  • I am kept informed of the progress of the requests and whether they ultimately become customers.
  • I have contact with some of our customers, so I experience first-hand where their needs lie. ”

Marketing focused on the customer

“The open communication that exists between marketing & sales allows us to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of our customers. One of the biggest advantages of our collaboration is that we can really put the customer first.

The insights I gain from sales allow me to better tailor my marketing communications to the needs of our prospects and customers. This not only leads to more effective marketing campaigns, but also to a greater flow of requests.

Since I started here, the number of motor request per month has increased significantly. This increases our customer base, which contributes to the success of our company.

I am convinced that the key to success lies in close cooperation between marketing and sales. By communicating openly and transparently, respecting each other’s expertise and working together towards common goals. We can achieve much more as a team. ”

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Growing because of the freedom and trust given to me

“Working at Magnetic Innovations has shaped me enormously. I have grown because I have been given the freedom to develop my own strategy. Through close collaboration with sales, I have learned what sales involves: not only contact with prospects, but also maintaining relationships with customers, handling orders and invoices, and helping to ensure timely deliveries.

I have also become more analytical. Analysing data from multiple sources gives me and the company better insight into which direction we should go. This is very interesting and allows us to switch faster. We can constantly have the right conversations, supported by data that substantiates our decisions.”

A culture of collaboration

“I am proud of what we have achieved so far. I feel like a fish in water with the freedom I was offered from day 1 to determine my own strategy. The trust that the management of Magnetic Innovations gave me is good for me and it also makes me better at my work.

It is fun to work with the engineers and see how enthusiastic they become when a great project comes in. Their enthusiasm is contagious and strengthens our shared motivation to achieve the best results for our customers.

At Magnetic Innovations we have created a culture where marketing and sales work together as one. This collaboration is not only beneficial to our internal processes, but it also allows us to better serve our customers. I believe that collaboration is the key to success.”

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