Gravity Compensator

Project requirements

The art of Magnetic Gravity Compensation is well known in terms of biased or non-biased magnetic bearings. The gravity compensator technology used in this area is usually based on reluctance forces and yields a high passive or active stiffness. For high end 6-DOF controlled Mechatronic applications however it is sometimes more beneficial to obtain a low stiffness between the static and the moving part, since this avoids direct cross talk of parasitic forces from the environment disturbing the accurate controlled moving part. To obtain this Magnetic Innovations developed a patented Magnetic Gravity Compensator series, which has proven itself in various high-end industrial equipment. The MGC can be applied where high speed, high force density and a high reliability & lifetime are required both in normal industrial and in vacuum environments.


Key Features:

•  Magnetic bias force compensates gravity and eliminates static dissipation of coils
•  High reliability and lifetime due to the absence of moving wires
•  Low (contactless) stiffness between static and moving magnet parts
•  No heat load on the moving part, single phase actuator, water cooling possible
•  Suitable for vacuum environments
•  Radial clearance for 6-DOF control
•  High peak and continuous force possible
•  A=including Z-actuator, P=only Bias force

Gravity compensation
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