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Torque Motor MI-F 250 Series

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Magnetic Innovations’ medium high torque motor has a diameter of 250 mm (~9.8 inch). Our MI-F 250 motor uses direct drive technology. Direct drive motors are ideal for applications where a high positioning accuracy is needed and small size, low weight, minimum power and optimal speed control is desired.


Optimal speed

High reliability
and lifetime


Low cogging

MI-F 250 Specifics

The MI-F-250 mm has a peak torque range of 121-400 Nm and a continuous torque range of 42-208 Nm. Furthermore, additional cooling options can be integrated for demanding applications. Our torque motors thus effectively maintain the high performance and continuous torque necessary, even for demanding applications.

Compared to brushed motors, the absence of brushes in the MI-F 250 direct drive motor eliminates mechanical wear. The load is directly driven by the motor. No gearboxes, worm gear drives or other transmissions necessary. This reduces the moving parts in the system, resulting in high operational life and reliability, while reducing the overall system cost.

Our Mid-sized PMSM torque motor offer an excellent power-to-size ratio, providing a balance between compactness and performance. The MI-F 250 series is capable of delivering substantial power output while still maintaining a reasonable physical size. This advantage makes them suitable for applications that require a moderate amount of torque and power in industries such as industrial automation, robotics, and electric vehicles.

Additional benefits are the silence and high dynamic operation the motor creates as well as its low maintenance.

torque motor
torque motor
torque motor


MI-F  250-25

Continuous torque (*) Between 48 Nm and 73 Nm
Peak torque (**) 113 Nm
Pole pairs 16
Rotor Inertia 21 gm2
Motor type Max DC bus Voltage 600 VDC

MI-F 250-50

Continuous torque (*) Between 82 Nm and 129 Nm
Peak torque (**) 227 Nm
Pole pairs 16
Rotor Inertia 40 gm2
Motor type Max DC bus Voltage 600 VDC

MI-F 250-75

Continuous torque (*) Between 110 Nm and 175 Nm
Peak torque (**) 340 Nm
Pole pairs 16
Rotor Inertia 58.9 gm2
Motor type Max DC bus Voltage 600 VDC

(*) @ 140 °C coil temp / (**) 8 K/sec temp increase rate


Advantages of the torque motor are: high dynamics, high torque density, high efficiency, optimal speed control, high reliability and lifetime and low maintenance.

To safeguard motor integrity for high performance applications, temperature control is required. Water cooling, forced air cooling or temperature control sensors can be integrated with the torque motors. So that applications can effectively maintain high performance.

Depending on the model the Continuous torque is between 39,9Nm and 219,8Nm. The peak torque is between 120,6Nm and 400Nm.

Direct drive torque motors contain a relatively large number of poles. This combined with different winding types results in high force and power density of the motors. As a result, the power requirements and energy consumption are generally low.

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