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Torque Motor MI-F 110 Series

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Magnetic Innovations’ compact high torque motor MI-F-110 mm (~4.3 inch) is ideal for applications in which high positioning accuracy is needed and small size, low weight, maximum power, and optimal speed control are desired.




Transmission not

Optimal speed control

MI-F 110 Specifics

The MI-F 110 high torque motor is a part of our MI-F series. The motors in our MI-F torque motor series  are outrunner permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM). This means the rotor of permanent magnets revolves around the stator with coils. As a result, the generated force acts on a maximum radius within the available motor volume, creating high torque. It also often eliminates the necessity for a transmission.

With the use of our magnetic and thermal simulation software, our frameless high torque outrunner motors are designed to produce unmatched performance.

Magnetic Innovations is specialized in the outrunner typology. Compared to inrunners, outrunner direct drive torque motors are capable of producing more torque and are more efficient. Moreover, the MI-F series are characterized by extremely low cogging and good thermal performance.

To maximize the torque of our direct drive motors, we use innovative winding configurations combined with optimized permanent magnet technology. A 3-phase sinusoidal current amplifier can be used in combination with the torque motor, which guarantees smooth rotation with low torque ripple.

torque motor
torque motor
torque motor


MI-F 110-25

Continuous torque (*) Between 5.1 Nm and 8.3 Nm
Peak torque (**) 16 Nm
Pole pairs 7
Rotor Inertia 1.09 gm2
Motor type Max DC bus Voltage 600 VDC 

MI-F 110-50

Continuous torque (*) Between 9.4 Nm and 15 Nm
Peak torque (**) 32 Nm
Pole pairs 7
Rotor Inertia 2.14 gm2
Motor type Max DC bus Voltage 600 VDC

MI-F 110-75

Continuous torque (*) Between 13 Nm and 21 Nm
Peak torque (**) 49 Nm
Pole pairs 7
Rotor Inertia 3.2 gm2
Motor type Max DC bus Voltage 600 VDC

(*) @ 140 °C coil temp / (**) 8 K/sec temp increase rate

FAQ MI-F 110

Advantages of the torque motor are: high dynamics, high torque density, high efficiency, optimal speed control, high reliability and lifetime and low maintenance.

There are two types of direct drive frameless torque motors: the outrunner and the inrunner torque motors. In case of the outrunner motor, the rotor is located on the outside of the stator. Outrunner motors produce more torque for the same build volume compared to inrunner motors.

Depending on the model the Continuous torque is between 5,4 Nm and 23 Nm. The peak torque is between 19 Nm and 57 Nm.

A direct drive torque motor can help achieve good thermal performance through its design and construction. The absence of mechanical components like gears or belts reduces friction and power losses, minimizing heat generation. Additionally, the motor’s larger surface area allows for efficient heat dissipation, maintaining lower operating temperatures and ensuring reliable performance.

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