Small high Torque Motor
MI-F-110 mm - Direct Drive

Product description

Magnetic Innovations’ small high torque motor MI-F-110 mm (~4.3 inch) is ideal for applications in which high positioning accuracy is needed and small size, low weight, maximum power, and optimal speed control are desired. These specifications for small, but highly accurate, motors are needed in various fields, such as the medical and semiconductor industry.

The motors in our MI-F torque motor series  are outrunner permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM). This means the rotor of permanent magnets revolves around the stator with coils. As a result, the generated force acts on a maximum radius within the available motor volume, creating high torque. It also often eliminates the necessity for a transmission.

Examples of industries and applications in which our MI-F-110 small high torque motor  can be used:
•    Automotive industry - Vehicle propulsion
•    Energy generation - Wind power generation
•    Food and packaging industry - Conveyor belt propulsion
•    Robotics and Semiconductor- High precision and high accuracy technology


Key features Torque motor MI-F 110 mm:

•   High torque density
•   High efficiency
•   Transmission not required
•   High reliability and lifetime
•   Maintenance free
•   Quiet operation


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