Large highTorque motor
MI-F-485 mm - Direct Drive

Product description

Magnetic Innovations' large high torque motor MI-F-485 mm (~19 inch) uses direct drive technology which enhances its dynamic performance while it reduces costs compared to conventional solutions. Moreover, it is a frameless motor – so, a motor without a frame, housing, bearing or feedback system – which results in the possibility to optimize the motor according to your own needs.
Our large high torque motor eliminates limitations such as backlash, cogging, and long-time drift due to very high control loop bandwidth and direct coupling. Moreover, the motor is very suitable for applications where noise needs to be reduced, as it does not use gearboxes, belts, or other transmissions. In other words, the direct drive MI-F-485 mm assures a quiet operation, high efficiency, and longer life expectancy.

Possible industries in which our torque motor can be used:

•   Industrial or agricultural fan applications - HVLS fans
•   Automotive industry - Vehicle propulsion
•   Energy generation - Wind power generation
•   Machine tool - Various machines and systems to create a significant reduction in costs
•   Servo motor applications


Key features of the large high torque motor, the MI-F-485 mm:

•   High dynamics
•   High torque density
•   Optimal speed control
•   High efficiency
•   High reliability and lifetime
•   Low maintenance
•   Quiet operation


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