Smart Conveyor Belt | Motion Control

Product description

Magnetic Innovations develops and builds smart conveyor belt motors with optimal motion control. These direct drive motors are a new generation of single-side mounted direct drive 3-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous motors (PMSM). These motors are also called intelligent infeed motors and are specifically designed for high dynamic applications in the packaging equipment and semiconductor market. For example for, intelligent infeed systems and high dynamic turn tables.

This smart conveyor belt motor is used for conveyor belts that benefit from a single sided mounting interface or so called cantilever design. This enables easy belts changes, cleaning and maintenance without the time consuming dismantling of the front side supporting frame. The motor type is a brushless 3–phase permanent magnet synchronous motor with its rotor on the outside. The motor is equipped with an integrated absolute single turn encoder which enables direct control of the motor without the need for magnetic alignment and homing.

How does a smart conveyor belt work?

When the products arrive at the singly cycle conveyor belt randomly, sensors record the position of the products. The sensors transfer the information to the smart conveyor belt motors, which bring the products to the right distance and phase position. This happens often on several belts that are connected to each other and feed the products into pockets. Thereafter, acceleration, deceleration and throughput depend on the type of products arriving at intelligent infeed system, as well on the friction between the conveyor belt and the products.


Key features of the smart conveyor belt motor:

•   Unique formfactor to enable compact belt systems.
•   Fast response to load and/or position variations
•   High position accuracy.
•   Direct-Drive technology
•   No gears or external gearbox (no oil or grease)
•   Zero motor maintenance
•   Zero backlash
•   Easy conveyor belt swap due to single side mount.
•   Horizontal, vertical and diagonal mounting capability
•   Single turn absolute encoder (no homing or magnetic realignment)
•   Available encoder protocols:
      ·  Absolute Sine/Cosine 1Vpp
      ·  Absolute BiSS/SSi (RS422)
      ·  ncremental ABZ (RS422)
•   Easily removable and adaptable HUB geometry for custom crowning or lagging
•   UL approval pending
•   Compatible with industry standard 3-phase Motor drives.

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