Moving Magnet Voice Coil Actuators | Linear Actuators


The designs of the Moving Magnet Voice Coil Actuators have been proven in various high-end industrial equipment. These actuators can be applied frequently where high speed, high force density and a high reliability/lifetime are required. These actuators are also suitable for application in vacuum environments.

The working principle of these moving magnet voice coil actuators is that the moving part is a magnet. The coils are attached to the static part of the actuator which enables a good thermal path. A good thermal path is beneficial for high force densities. The absence of moving wires leads to a very high reliability and lifetime and does not limit the achievable accelerations and speeds. For more information about the difference with Moving Coil Voice Coil Actuators click here

Application area's:

•   Mirror tilting
•   Focusing applications
•   Process- and Flow control
•   Miniature position control
•   Production automation
•   Medical equipment
•   Oscillation systems


•  High reliability / lifetime by abscence of moving wires
•  Compact design
•  No heat load on the moving part
•  Suitable for vacuum applications
•  High continuous and peak force possible
•  Simple control through integrated feedback sensor possible (MMS series; contact factory)
•  Very high acceleration
•  Optional: leaf springs, air bearings, hall sensor, linear encoder

Technical Data
Parameter [unit]NoteModels
OD [mm]1)1523406090
Height  [mm]1)5568223350
Stroke  [mm]1)18285812
F continuous [N] middle position2)27.112.338.4114
F peak [N]3)626.746259665
Moving mass [kg] 0.0070.0250.040.130.5 

Notes :
1) Standard range. Other dimensions and force ranges available upon request.
2) Continuous force at 25°C ambient and 155 °C coil temperature
3) Peak force for 10 sec. at 25°C ambient and 155 °C coil temperature
MI-MMA series are patented