If you are designing a linear motion system, there is a lot to gain by using direct drive voice coil actuators (VCA) technology. Our VCA’s shine in applications where precise control is necessary. Because our moving magnet voice coil actuators consist of a stationary coil and a moving permanent magnet assembly, they can create more stroke and force in a compact package


•  High reliability / lifetime by absence of moving wires
•  Compact design
•  No heat load on the moving part
•  Suitable for vacuum applications
•  High continuous and peak force possible
•  Simple control through integrated feedback sensor possible (MMS series; contact us)
•  Very high acceleration
•  Optional: leaf springs, air bearings, hall sensor, linear encoder

Moving magnet Actuator series

The design of the moving magnet actuators have been proven in various high-end industrial equipment. Magnetic Innovations has developed multiple series of moving magnet actuators.

1) Frameless voice coil actuators –  MI-MMA series
2) Voice coil actuators with integrated slide bearing – MI-MMB series.

Frameless voice coil actuators - MI-MMA series

The most cost effective type of actuators is our frameless voice coil actuator. Frameless means that the bearing is not provided with the actuator. This allows engineers to optimise their design and embed the motor in a way that is best suited for their application. These actuators are also applicable in applications in a vacuum environment. With a frameless voice coil actuator you can count on a motor with high speed, high force density, high reliability and a long lifetime.


Voice coil actuators with integrated slide bearing - MI-MMB series ​

This is our most complete actuator, it comes with an integrated bearing systems. With this voice coil actuator engineers are not required to add their own alignment system. This can make it easier to integrate the motor into their application. The voice coil actuator can support high positioning resolutions -in combination with external position sensors and motion controllers. They enable reduced system cost, control complexity and improve robustness


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