Moving Magnet Actuators

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Magnetic Innovation’s Moving Magnet Voice Coil Actuators (MMVCA) are ideal to apply in appliances in which high speed, high force density, and a high reliability or lifetime are required. The actuators are also suitable for application in vacuum environments. Their usage thus ranges from industrial or medical appliances to robotics technology or process control.

The difference with more conventional Moving Coil Voice Coil Actuators (MCVCA) is that the moving part in our MMVCAs is the magnet instead of the coil. The coils are attached to the static part of the actuator, enabling an outstanding thermal path. This is beneficial for high force densities. Moreover, in MMVCAs there are no moving wires. This leads to a higher reliability and lifetime while it does not limit the achievable accelerations and speeds.

For more information about the difference with Moving Coil Voice Coil Actuators click here.

Moving magnet Actuator series

Magnetic Innovations has developed three different series of moving magnet actuators:

1) The MI-MMA series: A frameless version for which the moving part needs to be supported by an external guiding mechanism supplied by the customer.
2) The MI-MMB series: A version with integrated slide bearing.
3) The MI-MMS series: A version with integrated feedback sensor which is still under development. For more information please contact us.


frameless MI-MMA Series


•  High reliability / lifetime by abscence of moving wires
•  Compact design
•  No heat load on the moving part
•  Suitable for vacuum applications
•  High continuous and peak force possible
•  Simple control through integrated feedback sensor possible (MMS series; contact us)
•  Very high acceleration
•  Optional: leaf springs, air bearings, hall sensor, linear encoder


•   Mirror tilting
•   Focusing applications
•   Process- and Flow control
•   Miniature position control
•   Production automation
•   Medical equipment
•   Oscillation systems

MI-MMB Series With slide bearing