What is a Moving Magnet Actuator?

A moving magnet actuator is a linear single phase actuator that consists of a magnet assembly attached to the payload and a coil assembly connected to the static world. Moving Magnet Actuators are targeted as low cost pneumatic cylinder replacements. Moreover, the technology offers Voice Coil Actuator (VCA) comparable functionality and force levels. However, the moving magnet actuator (MMA) excels over VCA’s with respect to durability, efficiency and achievable stroke length. Particulary, the moving magnet technology lacks any mechanical gear or other reduction and transfers force from a coil assembly (stator) to magnet assembly (mover) only by means of the magnetic field generated by the coil assembly. Therefore, the MMA accomplishes zero mechanical wear, backlash or mechanical friction and potential particle generation.

Advantages of a Moving Magnet Actuator

In general, the technology utilizes only a single electrical phase to control the force and position of the magnet assembly. Therefore, it is not needed to utilize a position measurement system for controlling and driving the current. As a result, driving a moving magnet actuator is similar to driving a linear BLDC motor. Therefore, the MMA reduces system cost, improves robustness and reduces control complexity.

  • Cost optimized solution
  • Robust
  • Ease of use