Linear voice coil actuator

Moving Magnet Actuator 5536

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Because our moving magnet voice coil actuators consist of a stationary coil and a moving permanent magnet assembly, they can create more stroke and force in a compact package. The Moving Magnet Actuator 5536 is engineered to withstand high loads and provide reliable motion control in demanding environments.






Specifics 5536

Engineers rely on our moving magnet actuators series for their exceptional reliability and long-term durability. Designed to withstand demanding conditions and harsh environments, these actuators reduce maintenance requirements and enhance operational stability.

The voice coil actuator can support high positioning resolutions -in combination with external position sensors and motion controllers. They enable reduced system cost, control complexity and improve robustness

Linear voice coil actuator
Linear voice coil actuator
Linear voice coil actuator


MMA 5536 (Frameless)MMB 5536 (With slide bearing)
OD55 mm55 mm
Height36 mm36 mm
Stroke8 mm8 mm
F continuous middle position39 N 131 N 3
F peak131 N 2131 N 4
Maximum operating Voltage48 VDC48 VDC
Moving mass0.175 Kg0.175 Kg

1. Continuous force at 40°C ambient and 120°C coil temperature / 2. Peak force for 5 sec. at 25°C ambient and 120 °C coil temperature / 3. Continuous force at 40°C ambient and 90°C coil temperature / 4. Peak force for 10 sec. at 25°C ambient and max. 90°C coil temperature

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