Linear voice coil actuator

Moving Magnet Actuator 3070

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Strike the perfect balance between size and strength with our medium moving magnet actuator. Designed to deliver optimal force while maintaining a compact footprint.






3070 Specifics

Voice coil actuators are capable of achieving great precision, quick acceleration, and high speed over a defined stroke. Its precision, repeatability, and controllability make it the ideal motor for engineers that need linear motion for their applications.

In addition, the moving magnet voice coil actuators are compact and have very low mechanical wear, no backlash, zero mechanical friction and very low stick-slip.

With a moving magnet linear actuator, you can count on a motor with a long lifetime, high reliability, high speed and high force density.

Linear voice coil actuator
Linear voice coil actuator
Linear voice coil actuator


MMA 3070 (Frameless) MMB 3070 (With slide bearing)
OD 30 mm 30 mm
Height 70 mm 70 mm
Stroke 25 mm 25 mm
F continuous middle position 16.6 N 1 13 N 3
F peak 60 N 2 60 N 4
Maximum operating Voltage 48 VDC 48 VDC
Moving mass 0.090 Kg 0.090 Kg

1. Continuous force at 40°C ambient and 120°C coil temperature / 2. Peak force for 5 sec. at 25°C ambient and 120 °C coil temperature / 3. Continuous force at 40°C ambient and 90°C coil temperature / 4. Peak force for 10 sec. at 25°C ambient and max. 90°C coil temperature

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