Linear voice coil actuator

Moving Magnet Actuator 1525

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Our cutting-edge technology ensures that our actuators deliver exceptional performance in a variety of applications. The Moving Magnet Actuator 1525 Is ideal for applications where space is limited without compromising on performance.


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1525 Specifics

Actuators are used for a wide range of applications. The increasing demand for high-quality products and faster production times is driving the need for more advanced motor solutions. Our Moving Magnet Actuators provide an innovative solution to meet these growing needs.

These actuators are also applicable in applications in a vacuum environment. With a voice coil actuator, you can count on a motor with high speed, high force density, high reliability and a long lifetime.

Linear voice coil actuator
Linear voice coil actuator
Linear voice coil actuator


MMA 1525 (Frameless)MMB 1525 (With slide bearing)
OD15 mm15 mm
Height25 mm25 mm
Stroke5 mm5 mm
F continuous middle position2.6 N 12 N 3
F peak6.2 N 26 N 4
Maximum operating Voltage48 VDC48 VDC
Moving mass0.0063 Kg0.0063 Kg

1. Continuous force at 40°C ambient and 120°C coil temperature / 2. Peak force for 5 sec. at 25°C ambient and 120 °C coil temperature / 3. Continuous force at 40°C ambient and 90°C coil temperature / 4. Peak force for 10 sec. at 25°C ambient and max. 90°C coil temperature

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