Linear Moving Magnet Actuator | 6033-ENC-LS

Product description

Magnetic Innovation’s moving magnet actuator of 60x33 mm (~2.4x1.3 inch) with encoder and leaf spring (MMA-6033-ENC-LS) is ideal for high-end production automation. It integrates linear guiding, incremental feedback, and a NEMA frame size 34 mounting interface. The technology used for the linear guiding leaf spring in the MMA-6033-ENC-LS originates from aerospace applications. This leads to a much higher lifetime than conventional leaf springs, because debris coming from the guide bushings is avoided. Our actuator is a much more accurate and reliable linear actuator as a result. Moreover, our actuator is ready for direct use.

Another asset of our actuator is that we offer an IP67-69 version. Because of its housing, our actuator stays reliable in hygienic environments, in which cleaning systems and machines with high pressure washers are very common. Our actuator thus is perfect to be used in e.g. the food and packaging industry.


Key Features of the MMA-6033 linear actuator:

•  High reliability and lifetime due to the absence of moving wires
•  Compact design
•  No heat load on the moving part
•  Suitable for vacuum environments
•  High peak and continuous force possible
•  Simple control through integrated sensor


If you want more information about our MMA-60-ENC-LS, have a look at our Datasheet

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