Fans are very important for industries where reliability in heating or cooling control matters. Multiple industries depend on standard asynchronous (ac) motors for their fans, but the landscape is changing. Companies within the industry are asking for something new, something smaller, with higher efficiency and a longer motor life cycle. To meet these demands and to guarantee the most suitable solution for your fan, Magnetic Innovations developed a high torque EC Fan Motor.

What is EC Motor technology?

An Electronically Commutated (EC) motor is a brushless motor where the commutation of the motor phases is done by means of external power electronics. Our Direct Drive EC motor is based upon Permanent Magnet AC Synchronous Motor technology. This technology is very suitable for high torque in a relatively compact volume. Utilizing a direct drive concept it eliminates the need for external gear boxes or belt/pulley configurations.

EC Fan Motor torque and speed controlled externally

The torque and speed of the motor are controlled externally by external power electronics. The motor runs on a DC voltage. It is easily controllable by means of a direct connection with a three phase motor drive. In an environment where long life cycle is a must, power electronics inside a motor is generally it’s achilleas heel. This is why we have chosen to keep the electronics outside of the motor. The EC Fan Motor has no internal electronics that can be get damaged and no moving parts that wear. That is why the Magnetics Innovations EC Fan motor is suitable for almost any fan application where durability and long life are key.

EC Motor: low energy consumption

The ability to lower power bills is one of the reasons that the demand for EC Fan Motors is increasing. Our EC motor reduces energy consumption significantly compared to AC motors as it has a efficiency of 94%. It meets IEC5 energy efficiency class. Next to the low energy cost, the EC motor also has an long life span. Therefore, fans with a EC motor pay for themselves through years of energy efficient and reliable operation.

The EC Fan Motor is small and silent

The EC motor achieves a high capacity while being very compact. It produces over 4kW of mechanical power at 1200 RPM, while only having a building volume of ø261 mm by 116 mm (~10.3 x 4.6 inch). Opposed to the bulky AC motors that weigh up to 4-times more, take up a lot of space and can block the airflow, the compact design of the EC motor saves valuable operating space. But the small EC motors have another advantage: they are very silent, improving the working environment.

EC Fan Motor specification

    • 4 kW mechanical power (32Nm @ 1200 RPM)
    • Reduced size: ø261 mm by 116 mm or ~10.3 by 4.6 inch)
    • Lightweight: 15,2 kg/33.5 lbs
    • Horizontal and vertical mounting capability
    • Protection class IP65
    • Compatible with industry standard Sensor less 3-phase Motor drives