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The MI direct drive drum motors are often used in hygienic environments, such as the food and packaging industry. The drum motors offer a clean and quiet operation without the use of oil and grease.  With its unique gearless design and IP69K rated enclosure it offers a perfect solution to drive your conveyors.

Industry applications

  • Food industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Conveyor belt applications

Key features of the drum motor are:

  • High torque density
  • High efficiency
  • Transmission not required
  • High reliability and lifetime
  • Quiet operation
  • Maintenance free
  • Cost efficient design
Description Unit MI-Drum
Motor type Max DC bus Voltage VDC 600
Stall torque Nm 38,8
Continuous torque Nm 44,4
Peak torque Nm 173,0
Torque constant at 20°C Nm/Arms 12,19
Motor constant at 20°C (Nm)^2/W 9,6
Stall current Arms 3,1
Continuous current Arms 3,6
Peak current Arms 20,9
Maximum no load rpm rpm 500
Back EMF constant (*) Vrms/rpm 0,827
Coil Resistance at 20°C (*) Ohm 10,33
Coil Induction (*) mHenry 111,6
Electric time constant msec 10,8
Max. Continuous Power Dissipation Watt 310
Thermal resistance K/W 0,32
Rotor outer diameter mm 120
Shaft length mm 530
Pole pairs - 7
temperature sensor optional -
Rotor Inertia kg.m^2 0,0256
Stator Mass kg 13,3
Rotor Mass kg 9,1
Total Mass kg 22,5
(*) terminal to terminal
Ambient temperature = 20°C, Max. allowed coil temperature = 120°C