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Magnetic Innovations is the expert when it comes to direct drive technology. We work hard to ensure companies get the most out of their application. Our high-performance motors reduce energy consumption, maintenance time and have a long life expectancy. Thanks to these qualities our motors lower the cost of ownership.

Torque Motors

In our standard MI-F series range of torque motors we offer a variety of outer diameters and motor heights combined with a variety of winding designs.

EC Fan Motor

The EC motor achieves a high capacity while being very compact. It produces over 4kW of mechanical power at 1200 RPM, while only having a building

Belt Drive Motor

Our direct drive motor is used for conveyor belts that benefit from a single sided mounting interface or so called cantilever design.

Direct Drive Electric Motors

An electric motor can make a huge difference when it comes to the efficiency, workability and durability of machines and applications. For companies that want to stay competitive, betting on the “status quo” of standard transmission devices can be a risky proposition.

A step up could be, choosing for a direct drive motor for their new or existing applications. There is a lot to gain technologically and economically speaking with direct drive torque and linear motors as an alternative to standard motors with gearboxes.

Magnetic Innovations is a solid global partner for the development and supply of direct drive motors. With years of experience in the development of high torque motors for demanding applications, we bring the most innovative motor designs to the market. We offer a wide range of direct drive motor designs. We also have the capability offer full customer specific designs. Contact us for more details.

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