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The automation of logistic processes is constantly expanding due to the universal demand for increased productivity and efficiency. Magnetic Innovations is a solid global partner for the Intra logistics industry. Our line of permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) can bring significant benefits when implemented in logistics applications, including improved energy efficiency, precise control, high power density and reliability. These benefits can translate into higher efficiency and lower operational costs.


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Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) by Magnetic Innovations are advanced electric motors with direct drive technology. Our motors offer numerous advantages for intra logistics applications.

One of the key benefits of a PMSM is its high efficiency. Compared to traditional AC motors, PMSMs can achieve significantly higher efficiency levels, which translates into lower energy consumption and cost savings. This makes them an attractive option for intra logistics applications where energy efficiency is a critical consideration.

Another advantage of direct drive PMSMs is the ability to deliver precise control over speed and torque. In addition, direct drive PMSMs offer dynamic behavior without backlash issues, which enables precise and efficient control of motion. This means that the motor can start and stop quickly and smoothly, without the issues of mechanical wear and inaccuracy which are typically seen with gearboxes or clutches.

With a PMSM, engineers can achieve fast starts and stops, as well as precise positioning and left or right-movement. This level of control allows for more accurate positioning and movement of goods in intra logistic settings.

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Additionally, PMSMs have a high power density, meaning they can deliver a lot of power in a relatively small package. This makes them well-suited for use in compact, high-performance intra logistics equipment.

PMSMs are also known for their reliability and durability, which are important factors in applications where uptime and maintenance costs are critical considerations. With a simple and robust design, PMSMs require minimal maintenance and can operate in challenging environments, making them ideal for intra logistics applications.

Overall, using our PMSM technology in intra logistics applications can have a variety of positive effects. For companies that operate in this market, these advantages can result into greater performance, cost savings and increased productivity.


Our PMSMs can be used in a wide range of intra logistics applications where precise control, high power density, and reliability are important considerations. Some examples of suitable applications are:

  1. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs): our motors can be used to power the drive systems of AGVs. The high power density and reliability of PMSMs make them a good fit for this application.
  2. Conveyor systems: our motors can be used to power the conveyor belts that transport goods throughout a facility. This can help improve the efficiency of the conveyor system while reducing energy consumption.
  3. Sorting systems: our motors can be used to power the motors of sorting systems that are used to sort and organize goods within a warehouse or distribution center. The high efficiency and precise control of PMSMs can help improve the speed and accuracy of these systems.
  4. Lifts and elevators: our motors can be used to power the motors of lifts and elevators used to transport goods between different levels of a facility. The precise control and high power density of PMSMs make them well-suited for these applications.
  5. Robotic arms and pick-and-place machines: In comparison to other motor types, such as AC induction motors, PMSMs offer better dynamic performance, which means that they can respond faster and more accurately to changes in load and speed. This makes them a preferred choice for applications that require fast and precise movement.
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