What are Frameless
Torque motors?

A frameless torque motor is a toroid shaped motor which can directly drive the application without additional mechanics, like worm wheels, belts, or pulleys. They are also called direct drive motors.

Magnetic Innovations Framless Torque Motors Series are designed to be built in the integral part of a system. With its outrunner and frameless design, size and weight are decreased making the motors easy to integrate and use in various applications.

What does frameless torque motor mean?

Frameless refers to a motor without a frame, housing, bearing or feedback system. As a result, system suppliers are capable of optimizing the motor according to their application and reduce the cost of ownership.

The frameless torque motors consist of two parts. The armature assembly (stator) with windings and the rotor assembly carrying the magnets that produce torque, both integrated into a customer specific application. A major advantage is the freedom in design and choice of bearings, shaft, housing and sensors that are required for the application.

High torque

Because of their shape, frameless torque motors are able to generate a lot of torque, but relatively little RPM compared to conventional servomotors. The latter can reach a much higher RPM, but generate less torque. To reach the desired speed to torque ratio, a coneventional servo motor is therefore often fitted with a gearbox. This gearing reduces the efficiency and accuracy.

In addition, because of the high specific torque density, frameless torque motors are very suitable for small building volumes.

Frameless torque motor applications

  • Energy generation – Wind power generation
  • Food and packaging industry – Conveyor belt propulsion
  • Robotics and Semiconductor – High precision and high accuracy technology
  • Industrial or agricultural fan applications – HVLS fans
  • Machine tool – Various machines and systems to create a significant reduction in costs
  • Servo motor applications

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