How to reduce cost in Intelligent infeed conveyors?

Reduction of costs and machine downtime of Intelligent infeed conveyors for the packaging industry can be done with smart conveyor belt motors. This reduction in costs and machine downtime were the most important design parameters when Magnetic Innovations started the development of the SBM125 family of “SmartBelt” motors. These are single side mounted Direct Drive Torque Motors which are fully integrated into the roll (Drum).

Single Side mounted (Balcony mount)

What makes the SBM125 unique is that the motor is fully integrated into the roll and is single side mounted to the conveyor frame. This enables easy and fast replacement of the belt without the need to disassemble the entire conveyor. Because the Motor is integrated in the drum, there is no need for an external shaft and bearing blocks. 

SBM125 motors are Servo motors with an integrated Absolute encoder but can also be used sensorless. This series is available with Continuous Torque performance of 3,5Nm to 8Nm at belt speeds of over 3m/s. Fast response to direction and/or load variations allows for excellent dynamic behavior. Unique feature of these motors is the detachable crowned sleeve which also can be provided with surface lagging. In addition we can provide special versions with for instance: sprockets, cogging, v-groove or other surface configurations. Standard sleeve widths are 102mm and 139mm but also wider sleeves can be provided.

No gearbox and clean

By using Permanent Magnet Torque motor technology no mechanical transmission like a gearbox or pulley system is required. This means no risk of getting oil and grease in the packaging proces. With the SBM125 motors you create a powerful, compact, clean and low maintenance infeed-System. The compact motor design allows for multiple infeed lines to be positioned close together, which reduces the needed footprint per conveyor. 


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