What is a Direct Drive Motor?

A Direct Drive Motor, is a type of permanent-magnet synchronous motor which directly drives the load. When using a this kind of motor, the use of a transmission or gearbox is eliminated. Therefore, the amount of moving parts in the system is reduced tremendously. This increases the efficiency and creates a quiet and highly dynamic operation as well as a very high lifetime of the system. Examples  of Direct Drive Motors are torque motors, linear motors and  certain types of BLDC motors.

Direct Drive Motors are very suitable for high speed, acceleration applications with fast starts and stops. This is because they only need low torque to accelerate the motor compared to geared motors, which have a lower torque to inertia ratio. 

Furthermore, they can also be supplied as frameless motors. “Frameless” refers to a motor without a frame, housing, bearing or feedback system. Consequently, system suppliers are capable of integrating their motor into the application itself, eliminating the need for additional interfacing. This, of course, reduces the cost of ownership.

A Direct Drive Motor can be used for various applications, such as applications where a high positioning accuracy is needed. Moreover, these frameless motors are used for situations where small size, low weight, maximum power and optimal speed control is desired.

Advantages of a direct drive motor

When it comes to increased positional, speed and dynamic accuracy, direct drive motors have a major advantages over traditional motors. No more need for coupling, gearbox, belts or chains, direct drive motor are attached directly to the load. Therefore, there is no backlash, hysteresis or ‘lost motion’ in any direction of movement.

    • Cost Optimized Solution
    • High Dynamic Performance
    • High Torque to Power Ratio
    • High Position Accuracy
    • Ease of use

Direct drive motors by Magnetic Innovations

Magnetic Innovations offers torque motors in various forms and for various industries. We have developed a highly efficient standard range of direct drive torque motors, the MI-F Series. We also  produce direct drive fan motors for industrial HVLS fans. For conveyor belts or transport belts, we offer direct drive drum motors and direct drive smart belt motors. Please, press on one of the buttons below if you want further information about a specific product. 

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