Providing high quality electromagnetic solutions starting from idea up to production and delivery is our core business. Not only do we offer a fair direct drive motor price but we also offer our help and expertise when needed. Above all we are a company that goes that extra mile for her clients and emphasize strongly on reliability. Consequently clients have stayed with us for years.

Direct drive torque motors directly drives the load which eliminates the use of a transmission or a gearbox. As a result, the amount of moving parts in the system is reduced tremendously increasing the efficiency and creating a quiet and high dynamic operation. Therefore, direct drive technology achieves a very high lifetime. Furthermore, geared motors have a lower torque to inertia ratio. This means that a high torque is required to accelerate the motor. For direct drive torque motors inertia is low, which makes the motors very suitable for high speed, acceleration applications with fast starts and stops.

More than 40 direct drive motors

Magnetic Innovations offers more than 40 torque motors suitable for a wide range of applications. Our direct drive motors are frameless permanent-magnet synchronous motors (PMSM). Frameless refers to a motor without a frame, housing, bearing or feedback system. As a result, system suppliers are capable of optimizing the motor according to their application and reduce the cost of ownership. In conclusion, direct drive motors are ideal for applications where a high positioning accuracy is needed and small size, low weight, minimum power and optimal speed control is desired.

Standard range high torque direct drive motors

In our standard range we offer three outer diameters and motor heights combined with a variety of windings designs. The MI-F series are designed to be built in the integral part of a system. Size and weight of the motor are lowered thanks to the outrunner and frameless design. 

Direct drive motor specifications (standard range)

Size (outer diameters):

110, 250 and 485mm


From 25 to 75mm

Continuous torque:

Between 4Nm and 796Nm

Peak torque:

Between 14Nm and 1143Nm

Lamination stack:

25, 50 and 75

Total mass:

From 1,52 to 52,37 kg / From 3.35 lbs to 115.46 lbs


Various winding designs possible

Cooling options:

Water or air


Sensored or sensorless control is possible

Servo control:

Suitable for servo control applications



Speed (RPM):

Wide RPM range


Automotive, food, non-food, industrial fans, industrial equipment, energy technology, machine tools, robotics & semicon, conveyor belts.

Custom high torque motors

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all mentality. Every customer is unique and so are their applications. That is why we also design electromechanical products tailored to and optimized for the customer application. Based on the customers’ requirements, we develop our motors and solutions for their application. This process starts with just a simple e-mail or phone call to our sales department. You can find a contact form below for a quotation.

About us

Magnetic Innovations is a solid global partner for the development of direct drive torque motors.  With years of experience in the development of high torque motors for demanding applications. We focus on bringing high quality direct drive motors into the market with a fair price for our customers.  Beside our in-house manufacturing in the Netherlands, we have manufacturing facilities in Eastern Europe and China.