Water Cooled Outrunner Motor

Project requirements

Magnetic Innovations developed this water cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) based on our high torque frameless motors. It is a high efficiency motor with a very high power density of >1.2 kW/kg. This high power density is obtained by implementing water cooling in combination with an optimized electromechanical design. You can drive this sensorless motor with off the shelve inverters suitable to support PMSM motors. This configuration provides a cost efficient overall solution. Furthermore, the motor can be adapted to your specific mechanical and electrical requirements.


Key features:

•  High torque density
•  High efficiency
•  Transmission not required
•  High reliability and lifetime
•  Maintenance free
•  Quiet operation

water cooled outrunner motor , Wassergekühlter Außenläufermotor