High Acceleration Linear Actuator

The high acceleration linear actuator is a limited stroke actuator.  It is developed to enable a new generation of high accuracy stages. For this actuator we implemented the moving magnet principle. Firstly to reduces the disturbance effects of power cables on the moving part. Secondly to improve the thermal path of the stator part.

The lightweight moving part is directly propelled in the centre of gravity. As a result it strongly reduces all kind of dynamic disturbance forces and torques felt in high precision stage. Moreover, low K-factor ripple and attraction force ripple enables high dynamic control performance.

The optimized permanent magnet array and coil assy yield a high steepness. As a result it causes little dissipation in the coils for high forces. The magnetic design is also free of cogging forces and facilitates very little end-effects. This enables a functional stroke of 50 mm in X- and Y-direction.

The static part is easily connected to a force frame or can function as a balance mass to reduce overall machine disturbance forces. This static coil part can be cooled with forced air cooling, water cooling or heat pipe technology, depending on the needed force density. 

In combination with a suitable amplifier, high peak forces can be generated during servo control.


Possible application areas

    • XY stage (requires 2 actuators)
    • Wire bonding
    • Linear servo motors

Key features

    • High force density
    • No moving wires, high reliability and lifetime
    • Maintenance free
    • Propulsion force directly in centre of gravity
    • No cogging and quiet operation
    • Easy to interface and to integrate forced coolin

Datasheet high acceleration linear actuator

Download our datasheet for more information and motor specifications of the high acceleration linear actuator

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