Custom solutionS

[responsivevoice_button voice=”UK English Male” buttontext=”Listen”] Do you have an electromechanical challenge and you can’t find anyone who can solve it for you? Look no further! Magnetic Innovations has a long history of designing electromechanical custom solutions for  Semiconductor, Aerospace, Industrial, automotive and Consumer markets. We have a strong design team ready to develop a custom solution for your electromechanical challenge, whether it is a lineair or rotary motor, a shielding issue, or something completely different. Feel free to contact us to see what we have to offer!

Examples of custom solutions

  • Lineair motors for high performance stages.
  • Traction motor design (winner Shell Eco-marathon race 2011 ).
  • Resonant vibration actuator for an Aerospace application.
  • Several in wheel motor designs.
  • Vaccuum compatible electromagnetic components.
  • Variable reluctance actuators.
  • Magnetic couplings and clutches.
  • Magnetic shielding solutions for different purposes; Semiconductor, electron beam microscopy, shielding room for medical research, etc.

We can not share more detailed information for all these custom solutions, but look at the projects shown below or at the patent page to get a better idea of what our design team is capable of. Please contact us to see what we can do for you!

Custimised solutions