EC Fan Motors as an alternative to AC Fan Motors​
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EC Fan Motors as an alternative to AC Fan Motors​

EC Fan Motors as an alternative to AC Fan Motors

Fans are very important, multiple industries rely on them. Most fans still depend on standard asynchronous (ac) motors, but the landscape is changing. Sustainability and the reduction of energy consumption are becoming more important. To meet these demands and to guarantee the most suitable solution Magnetic Innovations developed a high torque EC Fan Motor with very high power density. EC technology offers a great alternative. They achieve an efficiency level of up to 90%, this mean they use a lot less energy. But it also reduces heat loss, providing longer service life.

The EC Fan motor produces over 4kW of mechanical power at 1200 RPM, while only having a weight of 15,2 kg (33.5 lbs) and building volume of ø261 mm by 116 mm (~10.3 x 4.6 inch). This makes the motor easy to handle and install, plus there is no bulky asynchronous motor blocking the airflow.

Direct drive technology

Furthermore, the EC Fan motor reduces cost of ownership, as it is a direct drive motor. This means that there is no reduction or gearbox. It is also equipped with precautions to prevent ESD on the bearings, ensuring long bearing life time, making it a maintenance free motor. Moreover, it is highly efficient as it falls in IEC5 energy efficiency class, which reduces energy consumption significantly compared to other AC motors as it has a efficiency of 94%.


Key features of the EC motor by Magnetic Innovations are:

  • 4 kW mechanical power (32Nm @ 1200 RPM)
  • Reduced size (only ø261 mm by 116 mm or ~10.3 by 4.6 inch)
  • Lightweight (15,2 kg/33.5 lbs)
  • Maintenance free (no reduction or gears)
  • Easy mounting interface for Fan
  • Extended life due to robust mechanical design
  • Integrated precautions against ESD in the bearing
  • Integrated temperature sensor for active monitoring and control
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting capability
  • Protection class IP65
  • Meets IE5 energy Efficiency class
  • Compatible with industry standard Sensorless 3-phase Motor drives
  • Low Carbon Footprint

Video EC Fan Motors vs AC Fan Motors

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Voice Coil Actuator replacing pneumatic cylinders
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Voice Coil Actuator replacing pneumatic cylinders

Replacement for pneumatic cylinders

System efficiency, size and operator comfort are becoming more important every day. Equipment which has traditionally been fitted with a pneumatic system (compressor, valves and bulky fittings) are now being re-evaluated and re-designed. Therefore, Magnetic Innovations has developed a series of compact Voice Coil Actuators with high efficiency. This moving magnet actuator technology has already proven itself in various high-end industrial applications.

Low voltage voice coil actuator

The MI-MMB1555 is the first in a range of low voltage (48V) single phase DC Voice Coil actuators, including its own slide bearing system. The MI-MMB1555 Moving Magnet Voice coil actuators have been designed to replace pneumatic cylinders. For applications where speed, noise, system size and efficiency are key system parameters – all of which are considered serious flaws of existing pneumatic systems – the voice coil actuator MI-MMB1555 will be a great match.

Millions of strokes without failure

The MI-MMB1555 2-wire stainless steel actuator only requires a single-phase DC current source for operation. With its compact size of 15mm diameter by 55 mm in length it is able to deliver 2N of continuous Force and 6N of peak Force. The MI-MMB1555 has an 18mm (+/-9mm) stroke and a moving mass of 0.0179kg which enables it to hit acceleration rates of 11g continuous and up to 33g peak. It is capable of handling several 100 millions of strokes without failures.

Available for prototyping and production

The MI-MMB1555 is available for prototyping and series production today. For more information you can contact us via the contact form.