Pneumatic stopper replacement

Pneumatic actuators used for simple linear stop movements are somewhat outdated. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more important to produce net zero energy products and to diminish the chance of machine malfunctions. Moreover, you want to optimise your staff’s working environment as much as possible by, for example, minimalize noises.

In all these cases, a MMB linear actuator with compact CAN drive can be the ideal solution.

High torque

Efficient and


Optimal speed

When it comes to creating a linear motion system, opting for direct drive voice coil actuators (VCA) technology can offer significant advantages. Our Moving Magnet Actuator Series excels in scenarios requiring precise control. Whether you require a compact actuator or a durable solution for demanding tasks, we can provide the ideal match for your needs.

Magnetic Innovations’ MMB cuts energy consumption in half compared to pneumatic actuators and prevents noise disturbance and leakages. We can offer you a standard model, but also a MMB linear actuator that is specifically made for you. If you want to know what we can do for you, please, contact us.

Key features

  • Compact linear drive with integrated slide bearing, but without any seals
  • Factor 2 to 3 faster response time and movement compared to pneumatic drive
  • No seals that lower its lifespan
  • Direct current range from 12 – 48 Vdc
  • Simple 2-wire connection
  • No intern or extern encoder or measuring system needed
  • Compact CAN drive electronics
  • Quiet

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