High Rpm Motor

Magnetic Innovations’ high speed motor is used in polygon drive applications in industries like the semiconductor and imaging industry. The performance of this motor is optimized at high speeds, offering stable and reliable performance.

High torque

Efficient and


Optimal speed

Features high RPM Motor

Most important features of the RPM Motor are:

  • Runs 60.000 rpm
  • High efficiency
  • High reliability and lifetime
  • Maintenance free
  • Quiet operation


Parameter [unit]Value
OD [mm]24
Length [mm]35
Max. shaft OD [mm]12
Max. dissipations power (with an aluminum interface)12
K_emf constant [V_line_peak/rpm]0.257
K_m constant [N.m/A_line_peak]2.93e-3
Phase resistance [Ohm]0.37
Phase inductance [mH]0.0347
Steepness [Nm^2/W]1.54e-5
Maximum Torque [Nm]13.6e-3
Maximum tested speed [RPM]80000
Maximum coil temperature [degrC]80
Number of pole pairs1

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