Our Way of Working

Our Way of Working

At Magnetic Innovations, we take good care about understanding the needs and wishes of the customer. To do this, we operate according a standard workflow to satisfy our customers and to be able to create tomorrow's technology today!

6. After Sales

Often forgot but very important. After a successful project, we keep a certain level of engagement with our clients to consult and understand the level of satisfaction. This leads to innovation of excellence.

5. Logistics

We know that just-in-time deliveries are essential. Our quick response and client feedback ensures efficient make-to-order manufacturing and logistics, while shipping from different locations around the world.

4. Production

Our ISO 9001 certified production facilities ensure the high quality standards needed in the manufacturing of frameless high torque motors. Reliability is guaranteed

  • Process flow of magnetic Innovations

1. Client Support

Understanding the requirements of our clients is key. In this first step, a joint understanding is created were needs and options are discussed.

2. R&D

After having a clear understanding of the requirements, an in-depth approach is taken to research and develop the best solution for your application.

3. Prototyping

With our first-time-right design philosophy we are able to build a prototype for you that is as close as possible to the final production product, avoiding multiple iterations. This enables you to test and optimize the applications in an early stage and shortens the time-to-market.