Continuous Improvement by sound measurements

At Magnetic Innovations we constantly try to improve our products. For example, we always look for opportunities for improvement on efficiency, power density or torque for our motors and actuators. But next to these factors, the noise level is also becoming increasingly important. Everyone wants a silent motor, right? To improve this, it is important to know what the current noise level is.

To that end, Magnetic Innovations has purchased a soundproof measuring booth with a number of omnidirectional calibrated  microphones. This allows us to perform very accurate noise measurements, to determine what the current noise level is at each frequency. We can also analyze where certain resonances occur. We can introduce this in our simulation models and that gives us new insights and tools to make our products even better! In addition, we can also quickly and properly assess new motor concepts and configurations on their noise level. This way we continue to do our best to meet all your requirements.

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