About us

Magnetic Innovations’ main emphasis is on Direct Drive Linear and Rotary Motors & Generators, Moving magnet actuators and other products that require an electromechanical design tailored to- and optimized for the customer application. We are focused on introduction high efficient direct drive motors in the market that reduce the cost of ownership in your application. We are headquartered in Veldhoven, The Netherlands, at the epicenter of the Dutch Brainport Region. We operate a R&D and Manufacturing facility which is considered a center of excellence for Electromechanical technology.


Magnetic innovations is a global supplier for the Semiconductor, Aerospace, Industrial, automotive and Consumer markets. We guarantee High Quality Standards, reliability and advanced technological know-how.


Depending on the concept developed at our R&D facility in the Netherlands, we will supply rotary motors and linear actuators manufactured from our Dutch, Czech or Chinese manufacturing facility . The combination of advanced knowledge, innovative concepts and high quality level manufacturing will benefit our customers to be competitive in their market.

The building where Magnetic Innovations' rotary motors are made