Our mission
and vision

Our mission and vision are to become the leading supplier of high-end custom direct drive motors and linear actuators. We strive for excellence and go the extra mile by putting quality in everything we do.

We believe technical innovation and a sustainable future can be in harmony with each other. Industries are growing, and so is the demand for electromagnetic solutions and the power to drive them. As our motors meet the highest efficiency class we help to keep innovations sustainable.




Industry leading

Directors magnetic innovations

Magnetic Innovations, rooted in the high-tech industry, is headquartered in the Dutch Brainport Region. Our main mission is to introduce and manufacture innovative electric motors that exceed customer expectations.

As our director Bart van den Broek said, we want to exceed customers’ expectations. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all mentality. Every customer is unique and so are their applications.
That is why we also customize our products to their specific needs. Based on the customers’ requirements, we develop our motors and prototypes

Way of working

At Magnetic Innovations, we take good care to understand the needs and wishes of our customers and to fulfil them. To do this, we operate according to a standard workflow. This way we are able to create tomorrow’s technology today!

  1. Gathering and analysing requirements
  2. Specification definition
  3. Prototyping and testing
  4. Ongoing assistance
  5. High quality Logistics
  6. Production

We always start with gathering and analyzing your requirements, contact us to start this process via mail or telephone. After having a clear understanding of the requirements, an in-depth approach is taken to research and develop the best solution for your application.

With our first-time-right design philosophy we are able to build a prototype for you that is as close as possible to the final production product, avoiding multiple iterations. This enables you to test and optimize the applications in an early stage and shortens the time-to-market.

By choosing us, you benefit from ongoing assistance, we will guide you through the journey sharing our expertise and giving support where needed.

We know that just-in-time deliveries are essential. Our quick response and client feedback ensures efficient make-to-order manufacturing and logistics, while shipping from different locations around the world.

Our ISO 9001 certified engineering and production facilities ensure the high quality standards needed in the manufacturing of your motors. Reliability is guaranteed.

In every corner of the globe

Magnetic Innovations operates on a global scale, we are committed to serving customers worldwide. No matter where you are located, we are dedicated to providing our innovative electric motors and exceptional service to meet your needs.

ISO 9001 Certified

ISO certified

To ensure the excellent quality of our products, we have outstanding employees working in our ISO 9001-certified engineering and production facilities. They collaborate closely with our R&D department to ensure that we fulfil all customer requirements.

Our support team

Saïd Lafkiri

Sales Engineer

Priscilla Jagroep

Marketing and Sales

Cor van den Heuvel

Director Sales & Marketing

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If you would like to receive a quotation, have a question about our products, or want to know what we can do for you specifically. You can fill in our contact form. We will get back to you within 24 hours.