3 Phase PMSM Torque Motor

3 Phase PMSM / 3 Phase Torque Motor

3 Phase Torque motors are generally PMSM motors that can be fitted with a closed loop control mechanism, like conventional servomotors. But the concept and shape of the high torque servo motor is different. A torque motor is often round with a hole in it, a toroid shaped (like a donut). Because of this shape it has a large diameter and short axis. Thanks to this shape, the high torque servo motor generates a lot of torque. A conventional servomotor on the other hand, can reach higher RPM

Direct drive 3 Phase PMSM / Torque Motor

Conventional motors generates far less torque than torque motors. To reach the desired speed to torque ratio, conventional servomotors are often fitted with a gearbox. But this gearing does reduce efficiency and accuracy. The load of the high torque servo motor is directly driven without the use of a gearbox or transmission. The direct drive technology increases the number of moving parts in the high torque servo motor. Because of this, the operational lifetime and efficiency of the motor and thereby the application are increased. Also, the peak point energy efficiency of high torque servo motors is much higher. 

We use innovative winding configurations combined with optimized permanent magnet technology, to maximize the torque of our torque motors. To guarantee smooth rotation with low torque ripple, a 3-phase sinusoidal current amplifier can be used. The motor is suitable for servo control applications thanks to the low cogging design. 

3 Phase PMSM / Torque Motors by Magnetic Innovations

Our standard torque motors, the MI-F series, are available in three outer diameters: 110, 250 and 485 mm (~4.3, 9.8, and 191 inch, respectively). Furthermore, each series is available in standard motor heights off 25 mm, 50 mm and 75 mm (~1, 2, and 3 inch). The range of continuous torque is covered between 4Nm and 796Nm and peak torque between 14Nm and 1143Nm. The MI-F series are designed for a wide RPM range.


Small size energy efficient motor. Ideal for applications in which a high positioning accuracy is needed.
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Medium size motor for high dynamic applications. High efficiency and low maintenance.
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Large motor with direct coupling. No limitations such as backlash, cogging and long term drift.
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Advantages 3 Phase PMSM / Torque Motor

  • High dynamics
  • High torque density
  • High efficiency
  • Optimal speed control
  • High reliability and lifetime
  • Low maintenance
  • Quiet operation

Custom motors

We have successfully designed and built numerous custom torque motors for different operational conditions. If our standard torque motor series are not adequate for your application, it is also possible to develop a customized motor. Our motor can be customized in a variety of ways. If you know your specific requirements and you would like to receive a quote, you can call or e-mail us. Tell us your needs, we will take our time to listen. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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