Committed to the future as a donor to the Heart Foundation
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Committed to the future as a donor to the Heart Foundation

Donor to the Heart Foundation

At Magnetic Innovations, we constantly work toward the future. We look at the latest developments to produce even more efficient direct drive motors. The choice to become a donor to the Dutch foundation for heart diseases (hartstichting) is a logical step for us. Nowadays, health and technology go hand in hand. And just like the heart foundation, we both have our eyes on the future. With our donation we support research into the genetic causes of heart disease.

Research into heart disease is a necessity for the future

More than 100 people die of cardiovascular disease in the Netherlands every day. And that number is only increasing. Heart disease research is imperative to change this in the future. Fortunately, the Dutch foundation for heart diseases has been investing a lot of money in research to find solutions to detect and treat heart diseases earlier.

An inherited heart disease is caused by a small change/deviation in the genetic material (DNA). Such a deviation is called a mutation. Most carriers of a genetic mutation will experience complaints sooner or later in life. Someone with such a mutation is called a carrier. A carrier can pass the mutation on to his or her child with a 1 in 2 chance.

Detection of genetic heart diseases

Dr. Peter van Tintelen, Clinical Geneticist, and his team are behind the research of the heart foundation says: “There is a lot of unfamiliarity with heart diseases, even among relatives of people with heart diseases. If we can detect people with an inherited predisposition to fatal heart disease earlier, they can get treatment sooner. ”

The research consists of 5 parts:

  • How can we detect people with a genetic predisposition early?
  • How can we better identify who has the gene within family?
  • Can we better predict how the disease will develop in people with inherited heart disease?
  • Can we better predict how the disease will behave through detection in cells?
  • Can we store data for future research?

Would you like more information or would you like to become a supporter? Contact us for more information. 

Unboxing video in-wheel hub motor for hydrogen car
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Unboxing video in-wheel hub motor for hydrogen car

In-wheel hub motor

Green Team Twente is building their new hydrogen car. This year’s goal is to make the car even more efficient so they can get more km’s out of one tank of hydrogen. But if you build a new car every year, how do you keep making it more efficient? The short answer is: change the drivetrain.

From four electric car motors to one

Instead of the four electric motors they used on their previous hydrogen cars, they created a car design with an in-wheel direct drive hub motor. This is an electric motor that is incorporated into the hub of the wheel and drives it directly, eliminating the need for a gearbox. To get the desired in-wheel motor, Green team Twente partnered up with Magnetic Innovations in Veldhoven.

Unboxing the in-wheel hub motor

Together Magnetic Innovations and Green Team Twente designed a highly efficient in-wheel direct drive hub motor. They adapted it to the teams requirements and made it light weight. In this video, you can watch Green Team Twente unbox their hub motors. Take a look at the compact and lightweight aluminium design. Or the system to attach the wheel of the car directly to the motor. You can follow the team via their website

For more information about direct drive torque motors, please contact Magnetic Innovations via [email protected].

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Voice Coil Actuator replacing pneumatic cylinders
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Voice Coil Actuator replacing pneumatic cylinders

Replacement for pneumatic cylinders

System efficiency, size and operator comfort are becoming more important every day. Equipment which has traditionally been fitted with a pneumatic system (compressor, valves and bulky fittings) are now being re-evaluated and re-designed. Therefore, Magnetic Innovations has developed a series of compact Voice Coil Actuators with high efficiency. This moving magnet actuator technology has already proven itself in various high-end industrial applications.

Low voltage voice coil actuator

The MI-MMB1555 is the first in a range of low voltage (48V) single phase DC Voice Coil actuators, including its own slide bearing system. The MI-MMB1555 Moving Magnet Voice coil actuators have been designed to replace pneumatic cylinders. For applications where speed, noise, system size and efficiency are key system parameters – all of which are considered serious flaws of existing pneumatic systems – the voice coil actuator MI-MMB1555 will be a great match.

Millions of strokes without failure

The MI-MMB1555 2-wire stainless steel actuator only requires a single-phase DC current source for operation. With its compact size of 15mm diameter by 55 mm in length it is able to deliver 2N of continuous Force and 6N of peak Force. The MI-MMB1555 has an 18mm (+/-9mm) stroke and a moving mass of 0.0179kg which enables it to hit acceleration rates of 11g continuous and up to 33g peak. It is capable of handling several 100 millions of strokes without failures.

Available for prototyping and production

The MI-MMB1555 is available for prototyping and series production today. For more information you can contact us via the contact form.


University of Twente builds the most efficient hydrogen car with hub motor
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University of Twente builds the most efficient hydrogen car with hub motor


 When it comes to making transport more environmentally sustainable, hydrogen is a key factor. The Netherlands is at the forefront when it comes to hydrogen innovation and they are constantly looking for ways to harness the full potential of this gas. In the Netherlands several buses run on hydrogen and they plan to increase this number. The University of Twente also contributes, they have been working on building the most efficient hydrogen car in the world for over ten years.

Every year the successful university team Green Team Twente builds a new hydrogen powered car. In 2012, 2017 and 2019 they became world champions with their hydrogen car during the international Shell Eco-Marathon Europe race. This race is about efficiency not speed. Green Team Twente is proud to say it has built one of the most fuel efficient hydrogen cars in the world. Converted to an efficiency of 760 km (472 miles) liter of fuel, equivalent to the distance from Zurich to Rotterdam.

For the time being, the June 2020 Eco-Marathon Europe race has been cancelled, Green Team Twente has made the decision to keep the development of the new hydrogen car going. They want to show the world what hydrogen powered vehicles are capable of and have set the goal to increase the efficiency of the car even more. The latest generation will be adjusted on the inside, allowing for more space and increasing the system accessibility.

The biggest change on the inside lies with the drive train, Magnetic Innovations and Green Team Twente decided to join forces and develop an in-wheel hub motor. The previous car had four electric motors with a gearbox. This will be replaced by the direct drive hub motor that is placed in the wheel of the car. This system drives the car without the use of a transmission and eliminates physical contact between stationary and moving parts. Thanks to the hub motor weight, maintenance and costs of the car are reduces. The in-wheel hub motor also increases the efficiency.

The team can be followed closely via their website For more information about the in-wheel direct drive hub motor technology, please contact Magnetic Innovations.

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