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Do you have an electromechanical challenge and can’t find anyone to solve it for you? Look no further! Magnetic Innovations has a long history of designing electromechanical custom solutions. Our excellent design team is ready to develop a custom solution for your electromechanical challenge. Contact us whether it is a linear or rotary motor, a shielding issue, or something completely different.

Direct Drive Motors

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Companies in various global sectors benefit from our direct drive motor technology as we empower their operations with cutting-edge solutions, increasing efficiency and productivity across multiple global industries.

Intra Logistics

The automation of logistic processes is expanding due to the demand for increased productivity and efficiency. Our motors can bring significant benefits when implemented in logistics applications, including improved energy efficiency, precise control, high power density and reliability. These benefits can translate into higher efficiency and lower operational costs.

Food Processing

Our direct drive motors are able to operate under highly dynamic conditions, making them well-suited for applications that require fast, precise movement. This is particularly useful in food processing applications where speed and accuracy are critical to maintaining product quality and product output.

Industrial Automation

The increasing demand for high-quality products and faster production times drives the need for more advanced and automated manufacturing processes. As a result, the need for direct drive motors in industrial automation is growing. Our motors help to increase efficiency and productivity in industrial settings while reducing costs and waste.

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We believe technical innovation and a sustainable future can be in harmony with each other. Industries are growing, and so is the demand for electromagnetic solutions and the power to drive them. As our motors have very high efficiency we help to make our customers’ innovations sustainable.

Because of our expertise and commitment to innovation, we offer companies worldwide a distinct competitive edge with our direct drive motor solutions. With a track record of high-quality standards, reliability and advanced technological know-how, we have earned a reputation as the go-to provider for direct drive motors.