Voice coil actuators

Voice coil actuators (VCA) are single phase linear brushless DC motors that do not require commutation, making it a very reliable electric motor. They allow for easily controllable movement, suitable for high-end industrial equipment and high duty cycle applications. Voice coil actuators can simultaneously achieve high precision, fast acceleration and high speed over a defined  stroke. Making it the ideal motor for engineers who want precise, repeatable and controllable linear motion for their applications.

Moving magnet voice coil actuator

There are two main types of voice coil actuators, moving magnet actuators and moving coil actuators. As the name implies, for moving magnet actuators the coil is fixated and the magnet moves. As for the moving coil actuator the magnet core is fixed and the coil moves. Magnetic Innovations specializes in moving magnet actuators. Compared to the other actuator, the moving magnet actuator is easy to cool. This prevents the coil from overheating, giving it much higher force density.


    • Industrial automation as replacement for Pneumatics
    • High performance pumps
    • Fast-Tools
    • Flow control and pressure control applications
    • Mirror tilting
    • Lens focus applications

Voice coil actuator: reliable and durable

A key advantage of a moving magnet voice coil actuator is that they are very reliable and durable. This is, in comparison to moving coil Actuators, due to the lack of moving wires. Compared to other electric actuators motors with gearboxes, they can accelerate quickly and then come to a gentle stop at a very precise point. In addition, the moving magnet voice coil actuators are compact and have zero mechanical wear, no backlash and very low zeromechanical friction.

Moving magnet actuators series

The design of the moving magnet actuators have been proven in various high-end industrial equipment. Magnetic Innovations has developed multiple series of moving magnet actuators. Click on the buttons below to get more information.

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