Drum Motor | Direct Drive Motor

Product description

A drum motor usually is coupled to a gearbox. These gearboxes are lubricated and have seals that wear over time and start leaking.

That is why Magnetic Innovations' direct drive drum motors have a unique gearless design. Our motors don’t use a gearbox nor any grease, offering a clean and quiet operation. This is perfect for usage in hygienic environments, such as the food and packaging industry. Together with its IP69K rate enclosure, the direct drive drum motors offer a perfect solution to drive your conveyors.

Industry applications

•  Food industry
•  Packaging industry
•  Conveyor belt applications


Key features of the drum motor are:

•  High torque density
•  High efficiency
•  Transmission not required
•  Clean, without usage of oil or grease
•  High reliability and lifetime
•  Quiet operation
•  Maintenance free
•  Cost efficient design


To see the full specifications of our direct drive drum motor, have a look at the    Datasheet