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Are you looking for a Direct Drive Rotary Motor, Linear Motor or Actuator, but can’t quite find the part that meets your design requirements? Give the Direct Drive Motor Company a call at:

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Your Needs and Requirements

As a high-tech center of excellence, we focus on understanding your specific needs and requirements


Your Cost Optimized Designs

Our focus is on providing the best Electromechanical design optimized to meet or beat the customer application requirements.

Our Expertise and Market Knowledge

Based on our expertise and market knowledge we have developed a number of innovative products conquering the market

a Multidisciplinary Approach

It is obvious that a multidisciplinary approach is used which guarantees a well-integrated design that excels by its feasibility, efficiency, size and cost.



Recent Projects 

  • Magnet Array

    A Magnet Array for fully contactless xy-positioning systems. Magnetically levitated planar actuators consist of a single carrier with permanent magnets…

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  • Winner Shell Eco Marathon

    This high efficiency traction motor was developed for the Hydro Cruisers team that entered and won the 2011 Shell Eco-marathon…

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  • Electric Variable Transmission

    The Electric Variable Transmission, EVT, is an innovative transmission concept consisting of two concentric electrical machines, meaning only two moving…

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Magnetic Innovations News

Magnetic Innovations exhibited at the 27th SPS IPC Drives exhibition in Nurenberg Germany from 22-24 November 2016. We showed our latest in product and technology developments. Thanks to all the visitors for a successful exhibition.

The 27th SPS IPC Drives exhibition

Magnetic Innovations at SPC ICP Drives 2016

We were selected to receive the award for Best Paper in Geophysics 2015 by the SEG. The presentation of our reward was held the SEG Annual Meeting in Dallas, TX. 'A seismic vertical vibrator driven by linear synchronous motors' By Rik Noorlandt , Guy Drijkoningen , Johan Dams , and Rob Jenneskens. Visit to download the paper. As the Direct Drive Motor Company, Magnetic Innovations in the motor design of the next generation seismic sources.

Best Paper in Geophysics 2015 by the SEG


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